A monograph that brings together three bodies of artwork made between 2018 – 2019. The first was the solo exhibition ‘Circular Holding Pattern’ at Govan Project Space, Glasgow 2019. The second body of work was a group of six digital images made for ‘Art & Work’ Parse (Issue 9 2019), a journal edited by Dave Beech, Ben Fallon, Kirsteen Macdonald and Marina Vishmidt.  The third work included was ‘To Do Joy Complete’, a digital video animation commissioned for a series of screenings, the first of which was ‘Sick Monday’ at the Genesis Cinema, London on 26th March 2018. This was followed by a screening at the CCA, Glasgow on 4th June 2018. ‘Sick Monday’ was curated by Dean Kenning, Vanessa Scully and Liam Scully and also featured new commissions by John Russell, Josephine Wood, Lee Holden, Sophie Carapentian and Dean Kenning.

This book features two essays; ‘All of us need to work less’ by Dr Stephen Wilson (University of the Arts London) and ‘Echos Bones’ by Simon Buckley.

60 pages  ISBN: 978-1-8380637-2-6

Supported by Arts Council England, Govan Project Space, the University of Gothenburg and the University of Edinburgh.