This is an advert for ‘Good £uck’ which was part of Glasgow International Festival 20th April – 7th May 2018 featuring Jack Cheetham, Erica Eyres, Beagles & Ramsay, David Sherry, Clara Ursitti.

The artists made new works that were installed in four independent shops across the city, in response to the specific character of each location. The shops were Bill’s Tool Store, Fabric Bazaar, Garnethill Stores and Tam Shepherd’s Trick Shop.

Ranging from small sculptures to fake products, prints, printed fabrics, and scents, they were integrated into the normal fixtures, displays and stock so subtly as to be almost invisible in some instances. This project was a celebration of the particularities and eccentricities of the host shops, each of which embody something of the character of Glasgow as a whole.

Good £uck was supported by Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art and Canada House.

A book that documents this project was published in 2018.