‘What makes you and I different’ at Tramway, February 24 – March 26 2006 curated by Lorraine Wilson.

The exhibition took Cindy Sherman’s statement “I am trying to make other people recognise something of themselves rather than me” as a starting point and brought together a number of artworks featuring the artist appearing in a variety of guises.

Matthew Barney, Beagles & Ramsay, Monica Castillo, Mat Collishaw, Peter Land, Bjorn Melhus, Mark Neville, Cindy Sherman, Melanie Smith, Wood & Harrison

A catalogue accompanied the exhibition with texts by Lorraine Wilson.

Beagles & Ramsay works exhibited:

‘Glitter Desert Island’ (2006) fused polyvinyl chloride, plastic palm trees, two video monitors 8m x 4m x 4.5m. Video ‘Glitter Island’ 5.30 minutes

‘Glitter Island’ (2006) photograph mounted on dibond, 100 x 185cm

‘Fops’ (2006) photograph mounted on dibond, 100 x 185cm