‘The Scottish Endarkenment. Art and Unreason from 1945 to the present’ was curated by Bill Hare & Andrew Patrizio. It provided a new presentation of the shared concerns which have obsessed many of the most important Scottish artists since the end of World War Two. The Scottish Endarkenment explores a wide range of disturbing and provocative topics, from ever-escalating international conflict, social inequality and unrest, gender identity and sexual prejudice – all fired by the dialectical struggles within the Scottish psyche between good and evil, Self and the Other. All these subjects are imaginatively treated within a variety of different interpretations and mediums – from the out-and-out horrific to the darkly satirical.

Other artists included Christine Borland, Joan Eardley, Graham Fagen, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Douglas Gordon, Kenny Hunter, David Shrigley, Jonathan Owen, Eduardo Paolozzi, Katie Patterson, Simon Starling, Alison Watt and others.

Beagles & Ramsay showed ‘Pause Relax Insert’ (2016) overall dimensions 350 x 300 x 450cm printed cardboard boxes & chopping boards, handbags with charms, reconstituted foam plinths and robot (150cm x 120cm) and ‘It Wants To Grow’ (2016) video 3:45mins

‘Parallel Incremental Sophistication’ (2016) 30 x 42cm, silkscreen on cardboard. Edition of 20.