Voidoid Archive, Glasgow 29 October – 13 November 2016  
Dennis & Debbie Club, Erica Eyres, Beagles & Ramsay, John Russell and Andy Warhol



Erica Eyres 'Clay Paper Bag' 2014

Andy Warhol 'Electric Chair' silkscreen on thick wove paper 1971
Beagles & Ramsay "The Shutters Are Down' and 'Boing Boing Boing' silkscreen and acrylic on card 2016

Beagles & Ramsay 'Who Owns The Cheese?' video 3.08mins with reconstituted foam seating 2016    
Dennis & Debbie Club "Loading Screen' 2015    
Erica Eyres 'Conference Drawing' pencil on paper 2016   Erica Eyres 'Conference Drawing' pencil on paper 2016
John Russell 'Eton' various prints on paper 2014    
Beagles & Ramsay "Sell A Lung' silkscreen and acrylic on corrugated cardboard 2016   Beagles & Ramsay "Pause Relax insert' silkscreen and acrylic on paper 2016