We Are The People - Suck On This

Video (4:30mins) with photographs and a signed petition.
Commissioned by the I.C.A. London for Crash, December 1999. Curated by Emma Dexter, Vivienne Gaskin, Matt Worley and Scott King. Other artists included Heath Bunting, Carey Young, Mark Leckey, Christian Jankowski and Janice Kerbel.


A manically grinning Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver) lookalike stalks the streets of central London searching for suitable prey. His mohican is a crudely self inflicted affair.

He pops pill after pill and circles around Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. He gains access to Downing Street and hands in a petition addressed to Tony Blair. The petition states We Are The People - Suck On This and is signed only by the two artists.

The police lead him away.