Dead Of Night, Gasworks Gallery, London 2003
Jessica Lack, Guardian April 2003

A true classic of the Ealing thriller genre, the 1945 chiller-flick Dead Of Night is real hide-behind-the-sofa stuff. Set, according to horror convention, in a creepy country house, and complete with a cast of characters you wouldn't want to share a minicab with, it tells five ghost tales, the most memorable of which is about a ventriloquist driven insane by his wooden dummy alter ego.

This spooky story is the inspiration behind a new film by John Beagles and Graham Ramsay, the Glasgow based duo responsible for creating contemporary artworks that focus on the dualities of the human psyche. Their reimagined video features a pair of specially tailored dummies that Beagles and Ramsay manipulate with their characteristic black humour to ruminate on the sinister history of split personalities in British cinema.