He is only 12 inches tall, but he's brimming over with the spirit of the Tartan Army. Hamish the Tartan Tearaway is the work of Glasgow artists John Beagles and Graham Ramsay. He was produced for a highbrow London art show and will be exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts on November 24th. Now they plan to make a 'luxury edition' of the tartan terror clutching a piece of Wembley turf.

Graham, 31, said: 'We plan to produce a number of luxury editions with tartan flares, a length of splintered goal post and a square of Wembley turf. At present Hamish exists as a one off sculpture but we hope to have the luxury version produced as a collectable toy in time for the play-offs'. An SFA spokesman said: 'Art is for the beholder and people can make what they like of it, but obviously we have not condoned the behaviour of fans at Wembley in 1977. But I don't think anyone will take it as a contemporary representation of Scottish football fan's behaviour.'