NEW MEAT solo show at Chapter, Cardiff 12 June - 25 July 2004 

"Phase IV" (2004). Dead eyed sensation seekers are already with familiar with televisual offerings such as "Celebrity Disfigurement" and "Crash Test Kids".
NB. See the work of Rob Bottin, considered by many as the Michelangelo of the pre-digital special effects world. Recent work includes "Mimic" (1997) and "Fight Club" (1999) but his crowning achievement remains "The Thing" (1982).
Refs: "Phase IV" (1973) Dir. Saul Bass, "The Thing" (1982) Dir. John Carpenter
"Celebrity Disfigurement" Channel 4 Television, 17th May 2004 and "Crash Test Kids" Channel 5 Television, 12th August 2003

Extract from "The self-portrait works of Beagles & Ramsay 1997 - 2004" by Catherine Austin published in "Beagles & Ramsay 1997 - 2004, Chapter Cardiff 2004

Read the press releaseRead Patricia Ellis's essay "Revenge of the Parasite"Read Catherine Austin's essay "The self-portrait works of Beagles & Ramsay 1997 -2004"

Both essays were originally published in "Beagles & Ramsay 1997 - 2004, Chapter, Cardiff 2004.





"Phase IV" (2004) Silicone, cast plastic, mouthblown glass eyes withstainless steel table 150cm x 100cm

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