Published Texts


''Stuck in Pause' profile of Ryan Trecartin.Sight and Sound June 2014.Pdf.

Satisfy the Need n Me', Sight and Sound April 2014.Pdf.

‘'Asco’, Sight and Sound, Jan 2014.Pdf

'Weird Sisters’ review of the work of Rachel Maclean, Michelle Hannah and Erica Eyres. Sight and Sound, Sept , 2013. Pdf.

'Flatness’ review of Oberhausen Film Festival, Sight and Sound April, 2013.Pdf.

‘Duncan Campbell’ profile Sight and Sound magazine 2013. Pdf

'As Radical as reality' , Spectrum Almanac, issue 1, 2011.

'The Disappointed Fake' , 2011. Pdf

‘In a class of their own’,  Variant magazine, 2010. Link

‘An ideas Man’ text for Sussudio.  Two people show with artist Katie Orton and Francesca Nobilucci at Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh.Pdf

 ‘Darren Banks / Oona Hegarty’ review Map magazine 2010.

 ‘Blasé Zombie’ catalogue essay, for ‘Warehouse of Horrors’  2009. Pdf.

‘Lucy Keany’ catalogue essay, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh, 2009.Pdf.

Guy Benfield’ review Map magazine 2009

“George Condo” review, Map magazine, June 2007.

"Put Some Dada Flesh on the Bone" Variant 2006. Link. Pdf

Dada's Boys" Review Of Fruitmarket exhibition "Dada's Boys" , The Map 2006.

“Feast of Folly” catalogue essay For Jock Mooney solo show vane Gallery, Newcastle September 2006.

"It’s better to be a sucker" review of Sean Landers, Greengrassi Gallery London, The Map 2006.

"More is more" review of Jim Lambie book for the Map 2006.

"Canoneers" essay in the book Frozen Tears Volume 2, edited by John Russell.Pdf

"Lines of Resistance" catalogue essay Functionsuite book " 2005.

The Book of Shrigley" review of Dave Shrigley book for the Map 2005. Pdf

"Out of Time " review for the Map of Francis Bacon at Museum of Modern Art, Edinburgh July 2005. Pdf.

"Risk" Review for Biduon magazine, 2005. Pdf

"The World Turned Upside Down" catalogue essay for Bedwyr Williams solo exhibition Chapter, Cardiff August 2004.

"Louise Bourgeois" feature article the List, March 2004. Pdf

"World Becomes Dream" catalogue essay to accompany Mick Peter, Michele Naismith solo exhibition, Switch Space May 2004. Catalogue published October 2004.

"Video Purified of Television" VARIANT . Co Authored with Dave Beech, 2003.

"YOUTH" catalogue essay for SAADANE AFIF retrospective book, published by Francois Quintin Gallery, Paris, 2003. text or pdf

First I'm Gonna break it..." Magazine, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop Publication

"GOT TO KEEP KEEPING ON" catalogue essay for PAUL CARTER exhibition CHAPTER GALLERY, Cardiff, 2002.

The Entire Treasure of Uncertain Knowledge. Catalogue essay for ANTONIO REGO'S solo exhibition at STREETLEVEL GALLERY, Glasgow, 2002.Text or Pdf

"About Time" MATTERS magazine, 2003.

"From Irascible to unintelligible" MATTERS magazine, 2003.

"Cultural Bulimia" VARIANT magazine, 2003. Co authored with Dave Beech.

"Bring me Sunshine" MATTERS magazine, 2002.

"BURN BURN BURN" catalogue essay for "We interupt this programme.." at the WAYGOOD GALLERY,Newcastle 2000. Text or Pdf

"BRING ON THE PARTISANS" catalogue essay for VIVRE SA VIE. Exhibition of contemporary French art, various venues in Scotland, curated by Tanya Leighton. Essay accompanied show by GLASSBOX.Text or Pdf

"Interview with Paul McCarthy" VARIANT magazine 2001. Co authored with Graham Ramsay

"Pop as idiocy as Idea" EVERYTHING magazine 2001. Co authored with Dave Beech. Pdf

"Tyranny of Good Ideas" CIRCA magazine 2001.

"All you need is love" ARTMONTHLY 2000. Co authored with Dave Beech. Pdf

"GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY" catalogue essay for "Department" exhibition at the INTERMEDIA GALLERY,Glasgow. Show featured work by Clara Ursitti, Deborah Holland and Hanneline Visnes. 2000.

"Numpties and Rotten Molars" EVERYTHING magazine 2000.

"Make Me Wanna Holler" - VARIANT magazine 1998

"Back to the Old School" VARIANT magazine 1998

"I cannot be arsed to spend all my time and money on art" STOP STOP Volume 1. Edited by Caroline Woodley. 1997.

"Under the Belt" VARIANT magazine 1997.

"DREAMING IS FREE" catalogue essay to accompnay exhbition of DEBORAH HOLLAND and KATE DAW work at the Collective Gallery, Edinburgh and 200 GERTRUDE STREET, Melbourne, 1997.

"A New Approach" CIRCA magazine, September 1996.