The curators of Museum Magogo would like to thank the following people for their invaluable help over the past few months of frenzied labour. Those who helped with the building and installation work, Patrick Jameson, Jim Ward, Colin MacFarlane, Leigh French, Simon Shaw, Paul Embleton, The Glasgow Independent Studio Committee. Deborah Holland Clara Ursitti Clare Simpson at Glasgow City Council Arts Development. Mark Beever Nathalie de Briey Alan Currall. Finally thanks to all the artists who have contributed work for the show, many of them at extremely short notice. The Museum holds work by artists from Scotland, England, Denmark, Spain, Japan, Australia, Canada and the U.S.A. Apologies to anyone we have inadvertently ommitted from our list of thankyous but our brains are a little tired. We hope that you enjoy the show.


Brian Dawn Chalkley Bob and Roberta Smith Stewart Russell Nick Crowe Mark Bell Mora Family John McNaught Trevor Campbell Jane Topping FL PanzaGraeme Gallie Susan CollinJay Townsend Calum Stirling Torsten Lauschman Henry VIII Wives Martin Kippenberger Alex Frost Alan Michael Patrick Jameson Gitte Vielsen Clara Ursitti Deborah Holland Billy McCall Chad McCail Kate Gray Paul Carter Denise Hawrysio Mandy Bindley Charlotte Collingwood and Anna Maria Gallagher Tom O' Sullivan Joanne Tatham Michael Wilkinson Chic Agnew Karen Bauld Martin Boyce Clare Barclay Jim Ward Kat Borishkewich Lindsey Orr Robin Bagnall Fiona Holland Kristine Ravn Guerrilla Girls Rudolf Fila Anne Todd Nicol Wheatley Fiona Robertson Clare Hart Eliza Hutchison UK Arts BoardNathalie De Briey Martin Vincent Ian Balch Victoria Skogsberg Mark BeeverColin Macfarlane Leigh French Brigid Teehan Scott McGowan Julian Kildear Anne Louise Kieran Lyn Lowenstein Lucy McKenzie Sally Osbourne Mike Nelson Karen Vaughan Hayley Tompkins Sue Tompkins Louise Fitton Ben Fitton Kelly McCray Kevin Hutcheson Yves Florach Ben Harper Paula Smithard Robin Bagnall Ben Woodeson Ben Parsons Emma Herman Smith Steve Bell Lawrence Weiner Lucy Skaer Kate Daw Theo Daw Michael Buckland David Noonan Paul Quinn Dave Beech and Mark Hutchinson Dave BurrowsGareth James Obuabang Wayne Lloyd Kieron Corless Michael Beagles Jean Beagles Maria Cook Jill Henderson John Meade Jessica Voorsanger Neil Bickerton Thomas Seest Janice McNab Everything Magazine Kate Gray Patrick Jameson Artland International Rosalind Nashabishi Alan Dimmick Ricky Swallow Bank Ken Hay Terry Atkinson Sarah Lucas and Tracey Emin Chris Helson Gitte Griffith Mark Deavin Maureen MacKenzie Peter McGoldrick Lindsey Orr Annette Larsson Wendy Wilmurt Brown N.M. Patel David Holland Marcus Mitchell Patrick Jameson Larissa Hjorth Andrew Whitaker Nadine Christensen Simon Shaw Sam Ainsley Daniel Willson Paul Embleton Stewart Martin Tim Cullen and Dawn Harrison Maxine Levine and Morten Cohen Kristine Kemp Wendy House Cath Whippey Alec Finlay Alexander Knox Derek and Jo Ramsay Caroline Woodley Frederic Pedersen Eddie Stewart and Stephanie Smith Scott Myles Neil Beggs Kevin Kelly Sophie MacPherson Daniel von Sturmer Meri Blazevski Simon Payne

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