We designed, then constructed a museum space within the gallery using compressed wood board and other simple cost effective building materials. This spacious museum filled much of the gallery, although there was ample space for visitors to walk around the perimeter and through the well appointed sculpture garden, complete with astroturf. The central atrium acted as a hub for the numerous different wings of the institution. Each wing was appropriately named, dedicated and formally opened on the evening of the private view. The museum was filled with over 200 works (of appropriate scale) created by over 200 carefully selected painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, video makers and writers. This large pool of talent had a broad international flavour, including artists from Britain, Canada, U.S.A, Germany, Austria, France, Denmark and Australia amongst others. The participants comprised a lively mixture of more established figures with newly emerging artists.

Future Acquisitions

At Museum Magogo we pursue a lively curatorial policy to ensure that our collection is continually updated and expanded with additional new works. Patsy Forde has provided us with work from her archives for the Jameson Memorial Annexe. Neil Beggs, Belinda Guidi and Kevin Kelly are presently missing in action in the French Alps but will hopefully return safe and well with their artworks next week. From further afield there will be new video works on show in the New Heads Video Lounge by Daniel von Sturmer and Meri Blazevski, both based in Melbourne. In addition to her video Blazevski will also present two new photographic pieces. We will be installing a large photo storyboard by the Danish magazine collective Artland International early next week. Apologies to those of you who were expecting to see Andy Warhol's seminal Crash pictures. Due to unforeseen legal difficulties it was impossible for us to obtain these works for Museum Magogo. Art and Language were just too miserable to send anything.

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