Beagles and Ramsay 2001

Dub 'l - InTROOder curated by Beagles and Ramsay at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow 3rd March - 31st March 2001

Artists - Bank, Beagles & Ramsay, Bob & Bob, David Burrows with Bob and Roberta Smith, Paul McCarthy & Mike Kelley and Muntean and Rosenblum.

New Heads On The Block and Rope-A-Dope Production Facility
  Inside the Beagles & Ramsay production facility
Click here for Quicktime movie of the Beagles & Ramsay exhibit    
Inside the Beagles & Ramsay Production Facility   Half Life-size Drone Clone Workers and New Heads toy product

Dub'l-inTROOder presents a selection of artists from Scotland, London, Austria and the USA who work collaboratively. Collaboration has become an increasingly prominent aspect of contemporary art in recent years, and this gaggle of artists represent a particular strain of the species. All of their work uses and abuses a range of familiar mediums (painting features strongly) alongside newer forms such as video and cybernetic clone technology. Entertaining and engaging Dub ' L inTROOder invites the viewer to wind down the window and take a trip round a no holds barred, low down drop out safari of the highs and lows of living, working and passing out. Here, there and everywhere.

Bank have worked together collaboratively for almost ten years. The group has gone through a series of mutating personnel lineups, of which Milly Thompson and Simon Bedwell are the latest incarnation. They have operated as artists, curators, gallery owners and tabloid newspaper editors. They recently published a book of their years of struggle and success in the vipers nest which is the London art world.

John Beagles and Graham Ramsay . One time publicity agents for the Lidl food chain, this duo, manufactured elsewhere but basted in Glasgow for some six years now, will be showing new work. They will be exhibiting a replica of their recently acquired studio unit on the Lei Hong Cultural Production Estate, north of Dumbarton.  

Bob and Bob set the Los Angeles art scene ablaze in the late 1970's and early 80's with their smart, nylon suits and blow dried bulletproof hair. Now sadly deceased as a double act, their paintings, photographs, records and performances live up to their slogan - "Makin' art...That makes sense!".

David Burrows and Bob and Roberta Smith , are a no holds barred threesome looking to help the people of Glasgow get their collective learn on. They will be exhibiting documentation and details of their recently inaugurated art school "Le Ecole de Burrows et Bob Smith". This twisted and corrupt institution offers a wide range of full time, vocational and leisure classes to suit everyone.

Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley. Some time collaborators, Kelley and McCarthy, will be showing one of their celebrated slabs of dysfunctional family life. Taking as a starting point the familiar tale of Heidi, their video projection is a disturbing, perverse, highly enjoyable slab of inverted family values.

Austrian duo Markus Muntean and Adi Rosenblum , will be exhibiting paintings of the beautiful people culled from life style magazines. Bordered by banal, appropriated texts they works look to transform and recast these familiar images.