'Be Er Monsta' was curated by John Beagles, Kate Daw, Leigh French, Deborah Holland, Graham Ramsay and Brigid Teehan

An exhibition of short video works by 25 artists, including Smith and Stewart, Wayne Winner, Clara Ursitti, Alan Currall, Deborah Holland, The Butler Brothers, Simon Payne, Maria Cook, Stewart Martin, Billy McCall, Kate Gray, Chris Evans, Caroline Woodley, Kirsty Ogg, Leigh French, Brigid Teehan, Sarah Tripp, Anne Marie Copestake....

Funded by the British Council. Toured to The Griffin, Glasgow, May 1996, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Sept. 1996, Big Jack's Baggot Inn, Dublin, October1996, Made in Glasgow, Brussels April 1997 and Concordia University, Montreal Feb 1998.